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General Rules

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General Rules

Post  NotsoNaisu on Thu Jul 06, 2017 7:02 pm

Rule 1: Be kind to one another: This is a friendly environment and we will not tolerate toxic behavior. That means no racism, no harassment, and no discrimination. Breaking this rule once gives you a warning. 2nd Offense = month ban on first offense, 3rd offense is permanent ban. DO. NOT. DO. IT.

Rule 2: Respect Staff: Believe it or not it is not easy to create a site, run a site, or to manage it. Most staff members are people who are just trying to help and wanna have fun with the game too. Respect them, listen to them. Do not harass them to do staff work, there is a place for that (It's called the Help Desk - check the News forum). If there is a complaint to be made about a staff member you feel is abusing their power - PM me directly and privately with proof. I will address it and the appropriate measures will be taken.

Rule 3: Chatbox/Discord Rules: Keep it clean. Keep it PG-13. Star Wars is made for us teens and adults but it's also made for kids as well. So keep that in mind before you post topless Leia pics all over the chat while 12 year old bobby's in the corner with his mom watching him on the computer.

Rule 4: No Godmodding: This is a basic RP rule. Do not control someone else's character to benefit you. Do not autohit them. Let the dice do all the talking and just enjoy the RP.

Rule 5: No Metagaming: Again. This is a basic RP rule. Do not abuse OOC knowledge to benefit your character. This includes implausible entrances. You cannot argue "luck" as the reason to be somewhere where you shouldn't.

Rule 6: PG-13: I repeat. Keep it PG-13. No sexual content in RP (kissing is the max). If you and someone else want to RP that out then whatever do it off-site. There are several places where you can write that stuff without affiliating it with the site. If you have questions about this just contact me.

Rule 7: Activity: This is important. We need people to remain active here. Otherwise muse dies and we're all left hanging around pointlessly like asteroids in space. Therefore everyone has 72 hours to respond to a post before another player is legally allowed to skip someone in a turn order. If someone does not make the monthly activity check then they are archived and their account made inactive. They will have to contact the Webmaster to let them know to unlock it.

Rule 8: Absences: This rule is really a subset of the last one. If you for some reason have something going on and know you won't be on for awhile - then post in the Absences forum and let us know. Anyone who is on an absence will be in the equivalent of "Carbonite Stasis". Unless special circumstances happen and someone cannot logically survive an event on the site - their character cannot be killed or probed for information. They also get one free pass from the activity check. If they have not returned by the next activity check however they will be archived and will need to request staff to unlock their account.

Rule 9: Language!: This is an English speaking forum. I am aware that Star Wars is an internationally loved fandom but for the purposes of this site all writing must be done in English. Please write coherently. Maintain proper grammar and spelling to the best of your ability. It will affect the grading of your threads, and if you cannot maintain the minimum writing requirements (which are fairly basic) then you will be booted from the site for your own good...

Rule 10: Joining Threads: Unless a thread is labeled "Open" or "Episode" - then you are not allowed to enter it without the permission of everyone in the thread. Do not invade threads without permission of the participants. To do so will result in consequences for your character...

Rule 11: Trackers: Keep an updated link to your tracker at all times in your signature. It helps RPers know what they're dealing with in a thread so that they can respond appropriately to your character. To not possess a tracker link in your signature will be to leave your character defenseless. To not possess an UPDATED tracker is to negate any updates that transpired after the entrance post in a thread! So don't slack off!

Rule 12: Sensitive Content: No underage relationships. No rape. No suicide. All of these can happen off-screen, but must not be RP'd out and must also have the consent of both parties. There are certain lines and stories you just don't do unless they're done right, and in our site's case it's better to just avoid them entirely. Ask the webmaster for permission before doing anything involving these themes, as you need his direct permission to involve any of these themes in your character arc.

Rule 13: Canon Characters: We take place in an Alternate Universe.. That means Luke does not exist. Nor does Vader. Do not reference Canon characters in your backgrounds. Be sure to read the Lore before you write your backstory so you have a decent understanding of the setting here on Star Wars Destiny!

Rule 14: Plagiarism: Don't do it. All RP samples must be original works with the character that you are planning to RP. You cannot transfer RP's from another site. You cannot steal other works and claim them as your own. Breaking this rule will result in severe consequences.

Rule 15: Webmaster: You must always address me as "Supreme Leader Naisu". Failure to do this will result in INSTANT BAN and a MIGHTY FINE FORCE CHOKE!


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